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ordoneazaTitlul conferintei Informatii Data limita   Site oficial
1The 7th International Conference on Modern Power System, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 6th to 9th of June 2017. 2017-03-24
213th Edition, Digilent Contest, 13-14 May 2017, Cluj-Napoca, Romania2016-12-31
315th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 5- 7 July 2016, Cluj-Napoca,
449th Universities’ Power Engineering Conference - UPEC2014 from September 2nd to September 5th
52014 IEEE International Conferenceon Automation, Quality and Testing, Robotics AQTR 2014 - THETA 19th edition, May 22-24 2014 Cluj-Napoca,
6ICPR - EAME 2014, July 1-5, 2014 Cluj-Napoca,
7Conferinta Business Intelligence - prin Institutul Francez Cluj-Napocaconferinta_ut_cj17.png2014-02-27
8MediTech 2014conferinta_ut_cj15.pdf2014-01-12

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