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The European Credits Transfer System

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS ) , currently used by over 200 universities participating in the program, facilitate the academic recognition of periods of study undertaken by students in different countries.

According to this system:

When arriving at the host university, the student may confront with by means of different reasons (timetable incompatibilities, the content or improper level of the chosen disciplines, finding more appropriate courses) the situation of modifying his studies program. The study contract foresees this possibility, but the modifications must be accomplished as soon as possible from he arrival at the host university and must be counter-signed by the student and the coordinators of both universities When returning from the mobility, the origin university recognizes the number of credits obtained by the student at the host university, based on the `Transcript of Records` which the student receives from the host university for the courses he successfully passed.

In the frame of this action the universities may require support to develop the application of ECTS within the departments in which this system has not been yet used.

The granted funds are used to produce and disseminate the informational materials regarding ECTS and also to organize courses for ECTS implementation.

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