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The procedure concerning the outgoing free-mover mobility

The free-mover mobility refers to the self-sponsored type o mobility which involves travelling abroad to a partner host institution in the same field of study as of the home institution, participating in courses and / or traineeship activities, and the recognition of studies once getting back. The travelling costs are entirely supported by the student.

Mandatory documents:

Note 1:

When the mutual agreement is not valid or lacks signatures, at least one member of the teaching staff in each institution must be willing to become agreement coordinator. An agreement template is available at IRO by submitting a request at

Note 2:

In order to have a Request to Travel Abroad issued, the student must submit documents no. 2, 3 and 4 from the above list at IRO at least two weeks prior to the travel date. These documents must be already filled in and signed when submitted

Before departure

The student must submit the Request to Travel Abroad and the Learning Agreement in copy at the faculty secretariat.

After return

The student must submit the original Request to Travel Abroad and the Learning Agreement at the faculty secretariat.

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