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These information are according to the Methodology of studies recognition through CRID commission, available on site in the section Documents BRI.

The present procedure refers to the following categories of applicants:


The file is submitted to BRI

Strada Memorandumului Nr. 28, 400114-RO
Cluj-Napoca, România
Tel: 0040-264-202594;
Fax: +40 264 591690;

The sequence of the file:


After the file is evaluated by the CRID-faculty commission, the applicant will be notified by email whether the studies made previously were fully recognised and made equivalent or equivalence exams have to be defended. The applicant shall make a statutory declaration, in writing, within two working days from being notified, of his/her agreement to defend equivalence exams. After all these aspects are cleared and solved and a minutes are filled in, the TUCN Rectorate CRID Commission shall issue the decision of recognising studies abroad and of enrolling the applicant in the year of study applied for.


Cluj-Napoca, str. Memorandumului, nr. 28, tel: +40-264 -202595, e-mail:

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