Study confirmations for graduate students

Requested copies after the original documents issued by the university and (if required) translations issued by the notary office:

  • Form - please fill in
  • Diploma of Graduation/Bachelor`s Degree;
  • Transcript of Records attached to Diploma of Graduation/Bachelor`s Degree; *
  • Diploma for Advanced Studies/Master Studies;
  • Transcript of Records attached to Diploma for Advanced Studies/Master Studies;*
  • Description of Courses*
  • Specific Form - (see the conditions at the credential evaluation company abroad you apply to)

* Optional - You should submit these documents if the companies/institutions abroad need them for full studies recognition.

Send the filled in form and the copies to:

International Relations Office
Fax: 0040-264-591-690

Within 10 working days the documents will be verified by the Service for Issuing Official Documents and send them back to International Relations Office.


  • 50 USD/set of documents confirmation
  • 40 USD/ post office fee - EMS (if the applicant opts for a private post service he/she may mandate someone to take the closed/stamped envelope and send it on behalf of the University to a specified address. In this case the applicant DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY this fee).

Fees may be paid:

  1. 1. Directly to the Technical University Pay Office Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Str. Strada Memorandumului Nr. 28, 400114-RO, Cluj - Napoca, Romania. Phone +4 0264 401 285; +4 0264 401 214, Fax +4 0264 591690
  2. 2. Bank transfer: 50 USD/confirmation + 40 USD post mail tax, payable via bank transfer in one of the account numbers:

USD account

Str. Memorandumului nr. 28, 400114
Cluj - Napoca, Romania
IBAN RO66RNCB 0106 0266 0155 0003(USD)
Adress: Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) Sucursala Cluj-Napoca, Str. Baritiu nr. 10-12, Cluj-Napoca Romania

RON account

Str. Memorandumului nr. 28, 400114
Cluj - Napoca, Romania
IBAN RO35TREZ 21620F330500XXXX (Romanian lei- RON)
Adresa: Adresa: BN Trezoreria Romania

In either case, prior to the University issuing the confirmation, students must provide proof of payment mentioning the name of the applicant to:

Fax number: (0040-264 -591-690)
E-mail: (as attachment)

The studies confirmation of the submitted documents are sent in a closed stamped envelope to the address specified by the applicant.

IMPORTANT: In case the submitted documents are found false or modified in any way:

- the company/institution abroad will be announced about the situation;
- the fees will not be refunded.

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