International Relations Office

International Relations Office (IRO) is an organizational structure of the university whose goals are:

  • To develop academic international cooperation relations and scientific research with partner universities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, centers of research as well as international companies and foundations;
  • To facilitate efficient teaching staff and students exchange between universities at institutional level;
  • To increase the high reputation of the engineering school in Cluj by widely disseminating its excellent results along the years;

The development of the international cooperation is promoted through:

  • establishing partnerships with universities, economic organizations, foreign governmental and private agencies, which can offer our teaching staff and students research, teaching and practice opportunities as well as study materials;
  • affiliations to academic organizations and/or international scientific societies;
  • informing teaching staff, research staff and students about international cooperation opportunities at academic level and about scientific research opportunities;
  • organizing student and teaching staff exchanges as part of ongoing international cooperation programs;
  • taking part in international academic and scientific events.

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