Procedure for free-mover students

  • You must be enrolled as student of a university in EU.
  • The general bilateral agreement between the two universities must be valid (the university you are coming from and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca-TUCN).
  • The Learning Agreement must be signed by the dean and rector of both universities, before your enrolment at TUCN.
  • Download and complete the request form for admission;
  • Send the request along with the Transcript of Records and Learning Agreement prior one month before the beginning of the semester by fax (0040-264-591-690) or e-mail: ;
  • Council of Administration of TUCN will approve or deny your request.
  • Once your request is approved, you will be enrolled and pay the same tuition fees in RON as Romanian students (according to the specialization you opted for).
  • For accommodation please follow the steps available here

If the bilateral agreement between the two universities is not signed, you must find professors from both universities who agree to be coordinators for the agreement. A draft of the agreement may be available at request, by e-mail

Specific information about the faculties available here

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