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File processing fee

This fee is to be paid before submitting the admission file online and it amounts to EUR 70 for non-EU citizens. Do mind that the bank commissions must be fully covered by the applicants. The file will only be processed when the entire amount is registered in the bank account of TUCN.

Tuition fees for full-time studies

According to the TUCN Administration Council from 21.04.2015, the fees for non-EU international students, starting with 2015-2016, are the following:

Field of study Bachelor/Master(Euro/month) PhD(Euro/month)
Technical (CN and BM)
Sciences (BM)
Mathematics and Applied mathematics (BM)
270 350
Architecture (CN) 350 400
Socio-humanistic and economics studies (BM) 220 240
Arts (BM ) 420 440
Preparatory year of Romanian Language (CN) 270 270
Important notice:
* Other fees are available in the Tax Regulation of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, which is submitted to change yearly
* More information about some of these fees available here. Other fees are available here

CN = Cluj-Napoca
BM = Baia Mare

- The tuition fee covers the entire period of studies (including practice) foreseen in the curricula, and must be paid prior to obtaining the visa for new incoming students or at the beginning of each academic year, until the 15th of October, for enrolled students.
- The tuition fees for the undergraduate level and masters level must cover a period of nine months.
- The tuition fees for the PhD studies must cover an entire calendar year (twelve months).
- The accommodation and meals are not included in the tuition fees.
- Other fees are available in the Tax Regulation of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, which is submitted to change yearly.


In 2012, The University of Baia Mare united with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and became The North University Centre of Baia Mare.

Distance between Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare:

When coming to register with the International Relations Office of the university, the applicant must submit the bank receipt covering the entire amount representing the tuition fees.

** Enrolled students must pay the tuition fee in the beginning of each academic year. Failure to do so may lead to expulsion.

The payment deadline is the 15th of October every year. The penalty is 0.1% for each day of delay.

The procedures and methodology documents are available at each faculty and on the “IRO Documents” page.

Account information:

Adress: No 10-12, George Baritiu Street
400027, Cluj-Napoca
IBAN RO32 RNCB 0106 0266 0155 0227
Currency: EURO

CIC 2260155
CUI: 4288306
Bank Sorting 300131007
Account holder: Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca | Memorandumului Street, No. 28, Cluj-Napoca

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